Well done Kay, 3 Feb 2013

Well written story of life at Hallagenna with Kay and Beatos so many twists you can't believe it was all real.  Val.

‘ I feel compelled to write to you today, having finished reading ‘Live the Dream’ this morning.  I cried at the end and I cried buckets when I read about Snoopy, having recently lost my own dog.  Your story was so well told, I loved it.  I feel very close to you now that I have read your book.  Thank you for writing it. ‘   Mrs. C Butler, Cornwall.


‘Hi, just downloaded your book onto Kindle, it’s good, in fact it’s very good.’

Janet Lorch.  France.

  • Janet Scollay I have read it from cover to cover (on my Kindle) - it actually brought tears to my eyes in one part. Well done Kay for actually producing the true story of your dream black stallion!

A Facebook message received on Saturday 9th March 2013.


Hi Kay - brilliant book - couldn't put it down last night 1am still reading-xxx Pat Holliday Devon


Good luck with the book Kay  Trevor Brown Cornwall


‘Enjoyed reading it so much, thank you for a wonderful story.’  Lou James. Wiltshire


‘Just had to get a copy on Kindle, I couldn’t put it down, so I was late for work.   What a terrific story, I was so emotional.  I cried.     Petra Hicks. Exmoor.


Read the reviews on the Kindle page.  This story has had a 5star rating.

Worth getting a copy I think.