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New book now available, the true story of Beatos, the black stallion.    The true story of the love of a horse.  Drama and intrigue draw you into this true story.  Stolen from his stable during the night, the true facts are revealed relating to his recovery and return.    A compelling read, fiction couldn't put it better.  The twists and turns of actual happenings woven into a tapestry of words.
 A Horse in your Pocket.

A Horse in your Pocket  

2014 edition.          

    Especially for those of us who are young and need a helping hand, or those that are experienced, a handy book to put in your pocket or tack box.  Full of detail, injuries and faults.   A short history of the horse makes an interesting read.  Why not have a look. 

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Live the Dream.

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Live The Dream.  by Kay Millward.

New release of a true story of the love of a horse.